Ways to deal with culture shock

Ways to deal with culture shock

An article for those of you who are going to study and settle abroad ” Ways to deal with culture shock”

Most of the time studying and living in Asia is positively life-changing with all of the exciting challenges and new educational and cultural experiences. Sometimes the challenges and cultural differences can become a small amount overwhelming and you experience symptoms like homesickness, boredom, loneliness, and even anger. this is often called disorientation. So, what to try and do when disorientation hits you hard and you are feeling homesick? Read on for our top recommendations on the ways to deal with culture shock and make the foremost out of it slow in Asia!

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Ways to deal with culture shock- Self-awareness

Coming from the identical place as some other person means they’ll understand the colloquial terms we use, what we are saying, mean, and imply by certain statements. However, it is often interpreted very differently in other cultures and that’s why one of all the most important ways you’ll avoid others feeling culture-shocked by you is to remember your own words and your tone of voice. For example: within the US, “dating” means to determine someone and hang around with them a pair of times during a romantic way, except for many other cultures, it means to be in an actual relationship with someone. We could’ve avoided these debates if we understood the context of dating from each culture or nation and being more self-aware of the context.


No matter what quantity preparation to form before settling in a very new country, it’ll take time, be physically and mentally challenging to urge adjusted to an entirely new background, mentality, surroundings, mindsets, people, rules, and norms – but you may overcome it! Sometimes you will have a nasty day, or two, or three but that basically doesn’t mean that the country you’re in sucks, it just means you wish to require a step back, let yourself settled down again mentally then revisit into adjusting. this can take time, but it’s worthwhile within the end.

The most important thing is to maintain a sense of humor

Maintain a sense of humor, this is very important!
Ways to deal with culture shock- Maintain a sense of humor

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you create a cultural aversion or don’t know what to do in a social situation. Smile at yourself and others will laugh at you. Most individuals will admire your perseverance and efforts to understand their way, especially if you don’t have cultural judgment and comparisons that perhaps subtly and unconsciously convey a curtain on dominance.

Get aware of the social conduct of your new environment

Do not assume or interpret behavior from your own cultural perspective or “filter”. Behavior isn’t data. as an example, Americans often use the phrase “How are you?” to mean “hello” or “I acknowledge your presence as I pass you within the hall.” A foreigner may wonder why Americans don’t respond well to the present question about one’s well-being. Thus they’ll interpret the behavior of walking away before one encompasses a chance to reply to the question to be “uncaring”, “superficial” or maybe “rude”. An American knows otherwise and would probably not be offended that somebody failed to take the time to reply to the current question. Remember: If doubtful, check it out!

Stay Active

Stay Active

Start a brand new hobby and luxuriate in belongings you cannot do back home. Ways to deal with culture shock. Like, try yoga if you study in Bali, or why not self-defense if you study in Bangkok, Thailand? y the activities favored by locals, eat Asian food, find the hidden gems of the country. The list could persist and on. Since you’re already staying abroad, why not take full advantage of it and do all the items you were dreaming of before you started the semester?

Do not take cultural familiarity or knowledge at face value

Even as you become savvier about rituals, customs, and protocol in your new environment, use caution to not attribute a proof or rationale to what you now believe you recognize. a touch little bit of knowledge will be misleading. Psychologist Geert Hofstede wrote that ‘culture’ is like an onion which will be peeled, layer by layer, to reveal the content. It takes a protracted time to essentially understand a culture in its social and historical context.

Learn the Language

Learn the Language

Learning English will help with communication skills within the U.S. and provides you a chance to develop more relationships with the people around you. Downloading a language application or purchasing a language book will assist you in learning a people language. Applications are easily available and you’ll be able to download them on your smartphone or tablet. Duolingo may be a free and simple-to-use app that upholds a reputation for a fast and efficient way of learning a brand new language. Duolingo offers personalized learning, grading, rewards, and quick language refining the benefit of all the resources you have got around you.


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