TicWatch Pro 3 review-a big yet sleek and fast watch

TicWatch Pro 3 review: A big with sleek and fast watch

The TicWatch Pro 3 is one of all the most effective Wear OS smartwatches we’ve tested, full stop: with an enormous display, a large battery, and a glance that streamlines its large size to stay it from feeling chunky, it’s got the proper perks for anyone who wants a classy-looking watch with useful, if not standout, features. That means it’s one amongst the simplest alternatives to the simplest smartwatches out there, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and also the Apple Watch 6, especially since the TicWatch Pro 3 comes in less expensive than either of these. While Wear OS doesn’t have quite the interoperability in device ecosystems as watchOS or Tizen wearables, it covers the fundamentals, from telephony commands and email/notification previews to tracking fitness.

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Design and display

TicWatch Pro 3

Among smartwatches, the TicWatch Pro 3 looks as premium as its price suggests, with a conservative chic instead of the futuristic ‘bulbous’ look of the Apple Watch series or Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s got a standard timepiece look and a few elegant digital faces to match if you’d like, which come upon great on the crisp display.

The TicWatch Pro 3 features a sleek appearance with its matte black metal case, black glossy dial with thin bezels, and comparatively thin build. It’s an enormous wearable at 48mm wide, to be sure, but looks far slimmer than its predecessor and other smartwatches of yesteryear. Its 42g weight makes it lighter than today’s pricey watches, just like the Apple Watch 6 (47.1g) and smaller Galaxy Watch 3 (48.2g) – and even the latter’s 43g titanium version. And with such a good cause, it feels quite balanced on the wrist. TicWatch Pro 3 review.

As previously said, the TicWatch Pro 3’s 1.4-inch 454 x 454 display is extremely crisp, bright, and attentive to the touch. it’s an always-on mode, too, which looks completely different to the same old smartwatch face, ditching pristine graphics for a monochromatic set of numbers that appears like digital watches of old.

Fitness and health

Fitness and health

TicWatch Pro 3 review: The TicWatch Pro 3 packs a set of TicWatch-made workout and health apps, which are all branded with the Tic- prefix (TicExercise, TicHealth, TicSleep, and so on). This divvies the expected features pretty cleanly, though you’ll keep getting prompted to feed all of your biometric data back to your Mobvoi account.

The Tic Exercise app works to an adequate degree with 13 workouts to decide on from, though its interface makes some odd, unintuitive choices, like not having a ‘stop exercise’ button – you have got to press and hold the ‘lap’ command (or press and hold the lower-right physical button on the watch’s side). There’s no tutorial either. If you wish for other workout and health options, you’ll select Google’s Fit suite of apps, which come pre-installed.

The TicWatch Pro 3 does have GPS, tracking your route during a workout and displaying it, though we didn’t always find it responsive, and sometimes it struggled to point out the route with context – like, say, on a correct map.


The TicWatch Pro 3 follows a fairly standard installation of damage OS, with the standard ‘slide left/right/up/down’ gesture shortcuts for events/tiles/notifications/control center, respectively. If you’ve ever used a Wear OS watch before, you won’t be surprised.

Hit the top-right button and you’ll find all of your installed apps during a double column, which could be a simple thanks to sifting through your software, though it’s not nearly as fancy because the radial selection of apps on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, as an example, or the swath of icons on the Apple Watch. But the fast chipset makes touch navigation breezy and as quick as you’ll be able to swipe.

There’s a generous selection of watch faces, and while we’re ordinarily an addict of minimal designs, we found ourselves picking the faces that packed within the most complications – because, unlike other watches, the TicWatch Pro 3’s screen resolution is detailed enough to determine all of them. Finally, we will see health information like steps and pulse and check the time, too.

Battery life

Battery life
TicWatch Pro 3 review: Battery life

The 577mAh battery is another of the TicWatch Pro 3’s standout features because it regularly lasted us past two days and into a 3rd. you’ll cheat out more battery life by switching to Essential mode – up to 45 days on a full charge, boasts Mobvoi – which has an identical appearance because of the bare-bones monochromatic digital watch-style always-on display.
While decidedly old-school in looks, Essential mode shows more information like vital signs, oxygen saturation, step count, and sleep monitoring data than we’ve seen from battery-saving display modes on other smartwatches. It grew on us, too. Why don’t more smartwatches embrace the old-school Casio ticker aesthetic?

Lasting up to a few days before desperate to recharge puts the TicWatch Pro 3’s battery life around the length of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, which is surprising given the latter’s smaller 340mAh battery. Regardless, the new TicWatch packs a 5V1A charger (but not a wall mount – you’ll use your own) which recharged the watch about 60% in an hour.


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