How to build strong and lasting friendships

How to build strong and lasting friendships

Friendships are really valuable. Friendships are everything to us at some point in our life – the most essential thing in our existence. Friendships allow us to define ourselves. Our friends can have an impact on our decisions, such as where we live, what we eat, and what we spend. Friendships develop and evolve when new people enter the picture. Friendships are flowers in the garden of life, according to an old adage. Friendships require their own type of water and soil in order to thrive. The following are how to build strong and lasting friendships.

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Choose friends wisely

You are not required to be everyone’s best buddy. Choose companions who will help you grow rather than tear you down. Choose friends who will inspire and embrace you, rather than those who will alienate and humiliate you. You don’t get to select your family, but you do get to choose your friends.



Pay attentive attention to what the other person has to say. Make that individual aware that you have heard them. Ask follow-up questions. Make a summary of what you’ve heard. It does not always have to be through words, though. Eye contact and body language are also crucial indicators that you are paying attention to.

How to build strong and lasting friendships- Respond carefully

Consider what you’re saying before you say it, especially if you’re upset. Taking a moment to consider what you’re about to say before you start blurting it out might sometimes save you from wounded feelings and broken pride. Friends will also trust you if they feel free to be themselves around you. Choose your words carefully.

Avoid consistently giving advice or trying to fix all of your friend’s problems

If a buddy asks for your advice, by all means, provide it. They may request that you proofread an essential email before it is sent. Maybe they’re going through a rough patch in their relationship. Maybe life has thrown them a curveball, and they need your advice or encouragement. Don’t worm your way into every part of your friend’s life and advise them how to run their own show. Allow them to analyze information and make their own judgments.

How to build strong and lasting friendships- Be authentic

Be authentic

Be true to yourself. Be truthful. Avoid erecting a facade. We all put our relationships to the test by revealing something about our actual character. Then we lurk behind a corner with our heads peeking out, hoping for a reaction. It will be difficult to have a connection with someone who cannot accept you for who you are. For the purpose of fitting in, don’t shortchange yourself by rejecting your ideas, values, and point of view. You’re not going to help anyone.

Communicate openly and honestly

How to build strong and lasting friendships– It takes time – and trust – to develop communication with someone. Inquire with your pals about what you can do for them. Let them know what you have to offer. Don’t be scared to tell them what you require. Share what you need to know, but don’t take over the conversation. When an issue emerges, work together to solve it.

Respect their choices. It is okay to disagree

Allow your companion to make a move when you believe remaining still is the best option. If you’ve stated your opinion and your friend disagrees, take a step back. What your buddy is doing may be appropriate for their situation, but it is not appropriate for yours. They could be making a mistake, but if it doesn’t kill, maim, or put them in a coma, they should be able to learn from it. If it’s going to kill them, lock them in a closet and don’t let them out until they’ve forgotten why they were put there in the first place.

Express your gratitude

Make it clear to your pals that you appreciate their friendship. Inform them. Make a note for them. While you were out, did you spot the collector’s edition of their favorite film? Purchase a copy. Take your pal out to lunch or supper at one of their favorite restaurants as a surprise.

Admit and apologize

Admit and apologize

Admit when you’ve made a mistake. Learn to say sorry. When a buddy is unhappy, all they want is for you to (sincerely) apologize. It demonstrates that you are aware of the blunder and, hopefully, will not repeat it.

How to build strong and lasting friendships- Let go

Is there something a buddy has done to you that you don’t like? Have you discussed it with anyone? Were there any apologies given? Allow yourself to let go and go on! If you don’t, you’ll hold on to the violation, tarnishing the connection in the future. Don’t trudge through a thorny part of your history. Make every effort to start over.


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