Discover the largest caves in the world

Discover the largest caves in the world

Serving as a gateway to the past and an example of how our planet has evolved, the caves have always attracted human interest. While some caves are inaccessible to tourists, many of the world’s most famous caves feature distinct rock formations, groundwater blocks, and other fascinating highlights, making them the main attraction for locals and tourists. It is humbling to think that there are some caves large enough to accommodate skyscrapers and whole New York City buildings inside them. Discover the largest caves in the world that we listed below and keep reading to see where you can find them.

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Krubera Cave in Abkhazia in Georgia

Krubera Cave in Abkhazia in Georgia
Discover the largest caves in the world

Krubera Cave was discovered in 1960 and is the deepest known cave on Earth, with a depth of more than 2196 meters. Krubera Cave is also known as Voronja Cave, which in Russian means “cave of crow”. This name was used by cattle breeders in 1980 because some species of crows nest at the entrance of the cave. The original name, Krubera, was given by Russian herdsmen in honor of Alexander Kruber, a famous Russian geographer.

Key Update: Since the discovery of Veryovkina Cave in the same area of Abkhazia in 2001, Krubera Cave has become the second place to close. Veryovkina Cave has a depth of 2212 meters and is currently the deepest cave in the world.

The Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Werfen in Austria

This natural limestone cave is the largest of its kind, stretching 42 kilometers into the ground and welcomes 200,000 tourists each year. Although the cave is very large, its first kilometer was covered in ice and opened to tourists. The remains of the cave are just limestone. The oldest ice in the cave dates back to 1,000 years!

Eisriesenwelt was formed by the Salzach River, slowly eroding mountain pathways. The cave ice is created by melting snow that escapes into the cave and freezes. This part stays frozen even in summer because the cave entrance is open year-round, subjecting it to cold winds that keep the temperature below freezing. However, new formations appear each spring when the water drips into the cave and freezes.

Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico

Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico
Discover the largest caves in the world- Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico

Lechuguilla Caves are located in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. A limestone and plaster cave spanning over 138 miles, Lechguilla is full of interesting mineral formation that has attracted the interest of geologists around the world and is considered the deepest cave at the USA.

Although discovered in the 1950s, about three decades will pass before Colorado allows more caves to be explored. Since the Metal Hair decade, explorers have been investigating the Lechuguilla Cave while amazed at its beauty.

Optymistychna Cave in Ukraine

Won the crown for the longest plaster cave, the Optymistychna Cave in Ukraine spans more than 161 miles and is divided into 10 different regions. They are based on the various aisle structures and the types of plaster found inside.

The Optymistychna cave, located in Korolivka, Ukraine, is widely known as a maze cave, due to the fact that it is extremely elaborate and a bit complicated to navigate. But don’t let that discourage you! Visitors should prepare for plenty of mud, especially in the depths of the cave.

Sistema Dos Ojos in Mexico

Sistema Dos Ojos in Mexico

Located in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico, Sistema Dos Ojos was discovered in 1987 and has attracted the attention of explorers ever since. Running for more than 200 miles, this limestone cave is connected to the underwater caves of Sistema Sac Atun. According to, Sistema Dos Ojos is considered an original archaeological site. Archaeologists have discovered information inside this cave system that has led to many discoveries about a number of cultures.

After the canal linking Sistema Dos Ojos with Sistema Sac Atun was discovered, the cave system became the largest remaining underwater cave in existence.

Jewel Cave in South Dakota, USA

To discover the largest caves in the world. we recommend you to Jewel Cave. Recognized as a national monument for its beauty and located in the Black Hills National Forest, Jewel Cave offers stunning views both above and below ground. A variety of tours allow visitors to experience the impressive cave system below, and numerous trails meander through the landscape above.

The Jewel Cave is named from the incredible variety of crystals that lie on the cave’s inner surface. Various colorful specimens can be found in the cave system, as well as truly majestic limestone formations.


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